How does the SafGlo touch-free glove dispenser work?

The SafGlo glove dispenser allows users to apply gloves touch-free to eliminate the transmission of viruses and bacteria. SafGlo is the only solution on the market that provides touch-free and quick donning of disposable gloves, preventing the transmission of pathogens to the outer surface of the gloves.

SafGlo eliminates dirt and contamination caused by picking gloves from boxes or hooks, allowing the user to insert their hand without touching the outer surface of the glove, to ensure effective protection for the consumer and eliminate the transmission of micro-organisms from the hands to the products and from the products to the hands.

The SafGlo dispenser does not require electrical power and allows the user to pick gloves by automatically opening the cuff of the glove and inserting it quickly and easily, so the consumer can directly insert the hand inside the glove of the right hand, left hand or both hands at the same time, without touching the outer surface of the glove.