The SafGlo touch-free glove dispenser is designed for areas where higher standards of hygiene are important.

The SafGlo touch-free glove dispenser can be used wherever sanitary and hygienic requirements are a priority. Preferred application: in supermarkets, malls, the food and catering industry. Its use is also recommended at filling stations to avoid direct contact with fuels and contaminants, and in other public spaces such as airports, libraries, banks, public administration offices, shopping centres, beauty and aesthetic practices and car washes.

Bread stand

select and pack bread

Fruit and vegetables stand

select and pack the fruit or vegetables

Meat stand

select and pack meat


using carts and baskets

Shopping mall

fitting clothes, shoes


work in the kitchen or customer service


serving food in a self-service restaurant or from a buffet

Fast food

preparing meals, collecting trays, pouring drinks

Food industry

protecting employees and customers


ouching elevator buttons, door handles, handrails on the stairs

Medical clinic

security and protection against virus transmission

Cosmetic and aesthetic office

contact with the customer

Garden shop

contact with plants, soil and other dirt

Animal washing

contact with fur and dirt


check-in, use of trays


browsing books

Public administration

contact with the customer


contact with money

Petrol station

contact with fuel or other liquids and liquids

Car wash

contact with water and cleaning agents

Car cleaning

contact with dirt, dust and car care products

Inflating car tires

pumping up the wheels on the car or replacing them

Car maintenance

contact with liquids, oils, impurities

Car showroom

high standard of cleanliness inside the car