The world's only dispenser for gloves picked up touch-free.
New to the global market for effective protection.
Innovative, simple, contactless, easy, fast and safe.

Hygienic protection at your fingertips.

Do you wish to increase the safety of your customers? Are you looking for a, professional device to make the collection of disposable gloves more efficient and,smoother? The SafGlo glove dispenser is the product that has been designed for this, purpose!

A new method for putting on gloves.

Effective protection against bacteria and viruses calls for specific safety rules. Using disposable gloves is one of them. In practice, however, it is apparent that the efficient, picking up and correct donning of disposable gloves presents a considerable challenge. Problems with getting them out of boxes or hooks and upset customers who cannot put,them on quickly are a frequent image in public places.

Innovation on the global market.

A high level of safety.

Effective protection.

Touch-free gloves.

Simple, easy and quick.

SafGlo for contactless glove picking is an ideal option for self-service settings, where customers can easily put on gloves when handling foods and other products.

SafGlo ensures microbiological protection for both the glove wearer, the product and the environment, which is important in the public spaces.

SafGlo provides protection and hygienic safety that your employees and customers will appreciate, while ensuring that an adequate level of protection.

Individual visual identification:

The SafGlo dispenser can be customised with a logo, advertising or information, content. The body of the dispenser is made of steel as a standard and powder-coated in, any colour – or made of stainless steel entirely.

The advantages of SafGlo for its users:

  • Touch-free disposable glove dispenser.
  • It makes putting on gloves easier.
  • It dispenses gloves on the right and left hand simultaneously.
  • It prevents the problematic separation of gloves.
  • Picking up and putting on gloves is a matter of seconds.
  • No contact with the outer surface of the gloves.
  • The outer surface of the gloves remains free from contamination and pollution.
  • It ensures full hand protection.
  • It provides hygienic protection of the product.
  • It ensures hygienic protection of the wearer.
  • The gloves are available in standard and biodegradable versions.
  • Recycling and environmental protection.

The benefits of SafGlo for site owners:

  • It improves customer comfort and safety.
  • It makes maintaining hygiene, cleanliness and tidiness easier.
  • It improves the quality of customer service.
  • It enhances the appearance and prestige of the premises.
  • No possibility of picking up more gloves unintentionally.
  • No possibility to pick up whole packets of gloves.
  • It minimises the use of gloves.
  • It minimises the cost of purchasing gloves.
  • The dispenser’s container holds 2,000 right and left hand gloves.
  • Easy refilling of glove packs.
  • No access to the storage container for unauthorised persons.
  • The dispenser does not require electrical power.